Makeup tips and tricks with MAC

Every woman wants to have that flawless natural look to match the occasion. It helps in improving their confidence and also gives them a sense of pride. They can easily achieve this look with MAC make-up products likewise. Investing in these products is well-worth the effort. I will take you step by step on how you can obtain a flawless look using MAC products that everyone will be dying to get.

Makeup tips and tricks MAC

Did you know a make-up base defines how good one's final look will be? Adding a little MAC Strobe Cream to one's foundation helps in making a more natural base. It feels comfortable on the skin, and one does not experience the feeling of a dry clay mask. Have you had a chance to look morning dew on grass? Wow! That's how fresh this base makes one feel. Hide any imperfection on the face using a MAC concealer. What is interesting is that you shouldn’t go for the usual spots such as eye circles or pimples. Instead, one should look themselves in the eye and spot any imperfect appearance on their face- which appear just outside your normal ring of focus. This ‘eye’ trick helps one in hiding scars and dark spots on their face.

A low key eyelash is an all-time classic look to shoot for. Anyone can have this look by applying mascara as usual. This application makes one feel as if they have overdone it. At this point, one can use small items such as cotton ear swab to remove excess mascara. Be sure to lightly dip them in make-up remover, shake to remove the excess remover and wipe off the mascara to the desired level you want to achieve. One can define their eyes using MAC's Modern Twist Kajal Liner. This liner is waterproof and won't fall off if one cries or when sweat is around the eyes. Just like the well-known lines of the Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, as she got out of her legendary goat-milk bath with the same impeccable lines framing her beautiful eyes. You can also see the epic liner usage in the movie starring Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. To give it a lively look, one should close their eyes tight after applying on their upper and lower eyelids. It allows the liner to reach the roots of their lashes. Use that ear swab to remove that excess liner.

Now it's time to do the blush. Did you know one can achieve a no make-up blush? Well, one can go for this blush if they want to remain low key. After applying their blush, as usual, they should clean of the excess on their brush they have recently used so the brush is easily able to clear out blush that can be removed on the first run. They should repeat this brush cleaning process until they get the desired light blush effect. Use MAC's Bronzing Powder in Matte Bronze at the edge of the face to allow a light contour effect that can look stunning and slimming. Do not use the powder on the entire face as it gives an artificial look unless you want to look like Kim Kardashian... Then apply it lightly under the cheeks through the ear.

Be sure not to touch the lips just yet. For the lips, one can achieve a softer MAC matte lipstick look by dampening a small MAC 217’s make-up brush with MAC's setting spray. The brush is used for buffing the matte lipstick. What can you expect from this final look? A fluffy, lasting and detailed matte stain that will last longer than you ever thought was possible. Who would not love to have a matte stain that is not so elaborate to make and comfortable to wear? The final step would be using MAC's prep+ Premier Fix+ setting spray on the make-up. The spray will help in retaining your look throughout the day. This final step is crucial as it will prevent your make-up from falling off for various reasons. Well, that can be embarrassing when one is attending an evening affair or even a business meeting. How one chooses to use their make-up depends on the look they intend to get. They can use these products to achieve particular looks without having to use them in the traditional sense. Creativity is the key in the makeup world anyway, so be sure to be open to it.