The origins of MAC makeup

MAC, an acronym for Make-up Art Cosmetics, is a worldwide makeup and cosmetics company which was founded in 1984 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by two people; Frank Angelo, a salon owner, and Frank Toskan, a makeup artist and photographer. It was officially launched in Toronto from a department store the same year. It later opened an outlet in New York City in 1991. Their main aim was to overcome the challenge that existed in terms of colors that shot adequately with photography. This, they knew, would enable them advance further in their profession for obvious reasons. Their first products were produced in small, personal kitchens and they used their hair salons as an outlet to reach the general public. The initial products were specifically designed for professional makeup artists. However, this has changed and they are now sold to all consumers worldwide.


Their initial customers were fellow makeup artists, photographers, stylists, editors and models. MAC started gaining popularity with every product they sold and color they made and had started making it to the mainstream magazines after that. This can be attributed to some factors which made it unique. For instance, it ensured that they provided quality services by employing make-up artists who were all professionals. After that, their products were packaged in a more appealing manner than what existed at the time. It moved from away from compacts and packaged all the products in black pots which were appealing to makeup Pro’s at that time and could fit easily into a makeup case designed to fit many different kinds of all in one big box. The major thing that made MAC stand out was that it provided a new dimension in makeup. They included an assortment of concentrated colors unlike the other makeup brands whose main selling products were skin care products.

The company was the first in the entire cosmetic industry to train and educate its’ staff. It also pushed its’ sales using different methods which not only pushed revenue, but also ensured maximum customer satisfaction. This ensured that it produced high quality products which made its consumers want to buy all this line offered by themselves without engaging advertising, free gifts or even sampling. Among the first the celebrities to fully embrace products by MAC was Madonna who, in a photo-shoot, had the heavy matte red lip stick on. She was later photographed with a MAC T-shirt on. Currently the list of famous entertainers and singers include Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, The Toledos among others.

MAC has held charities and campaigns through which it gives back to society in a very thoughtful method. By the year 1994, HIV/AIDS was becoming a global epidemic and this became a concern for the co-founders of MAC. Together with employees, they came up with a way to take care of HIV/AIDS victims and formed MAC AIDS fund, which benefited HIV/AIDS organizations. Fundraisers for this fund include Viva Glam and "Kids Helping Kids Greeting Cards" With the continued endorsements from professional makeup artist and celebrities, MAC had to become a leading global cosmetic company and its team was even contracted to work backstage at global fashion collections.

In 1995, Estee Lauder Companies, a leading global beauty enterprise, acquired 51% of the company, which extended the company's reach to a global scale. Upon the death of one of the co-founders, Frank Angelo, in 1998, Estee Lauder Companies bought all the remaining shares of the company helping MAC grow even bigger with 1500 locations in 78 countries. MAC's success can be mainly attributed to its strong customer relations and bond, professionalism of staff and irreverent attitude which all go in line with their motto "All ages. All races. All sexes."