Top 10 MAC Eye Shade Colors

mac-shades-colorsIt is said that the eyes are the gateway to the soul and as a result women will do their utmost to have beautiful and pretty eyes. As beauticians say when it comes to amplifying the eye color then identifying the correct eye shadows and shade that are crucial in defining ones sense beauty. Eye shadow is the most important beauty product in the makeup industry and by applying a specific eye shadow to one’s eyes -it will make one feel different and that's why they are love by many.

MAC is one of those brands that is widely known all over the world in producing beauty products intended for those who strive to be pretty and different. As a result MAC eyeshadows are not quite the cheapest in the market, but the products they offer provide supreme quality -making them one of the gems cosmetic industry. MAC's collection of color coordinated eye shadows ensures on-trend eye shades.

For instance Spearmint is MAC's trendy color bar eyeshadow which is truly a mint of shade which is clearly not too blue and not too green. This pearly finish eye shade just blends smoothly enough without much of a: ‘fallout’ (which is a term used to describe how the powder falls off of the skin). The Spearmint is definitely a nice one to use if you will want to try a different shade color. As a whole, I believe that MAC do produce better blue and green eyeshades as opposed to other colors.

Moreover, MAC's Spicy brown eye shadow is a rich eye shade color which has a micro shimmer in perfect amounts giving it a pale texture. When applied on the eyes it produces this red sheen which makes it look beautiful to anyone who has used it. The Spicy Brown shadow enhances pigmentation giving a perfect good color after using just two swipes.

Honeymoon Peach on the other hand is among MAC's interesting eye shade colors because it produces a golden and bronze undertone on the skin forming a classy yet pretty color on the eyes. When the shadow dries the color pays off forming and orange peachy texture which is super pretty. However investment of a primer is paramount as the staying is not that great.

Furthermore, the Flirt is the most wearable eyeshadow in the market nowadays because of its metallic turquoise blue color which radiates whoever is applying it. Most people apply this eye shade because of its minimalistic texture which ensures that it does not fall off when wet making it to stay for a couple of hours.

top-10-mac-blushes-for-indian-skin-tone-and-their-dupesMAC's Proudly Purple is another of those eye shade colors that is popular among ladies because the color purple is often viewed as serene and calm. This eye shade color is quite gorgeous with a very impressive staying power making it sheer and at times intense on the skin. The Proudly Purple is one of the most used highlight shades in the market.

Another best eye shade color that is produced by MAC is the Expensive Pink which is not far away from the purple eyeshadow because it provides a pinky plum shade on the eyes forming a near perfect dressing. It has a perfect staying power which comes out great with a couple of swipes.

Star Violet is another MAC eyeshadow colors which provides a heavily pigmented shade of purple. The violet color often payoff due to the fact that the pigmentation allows it stay on the skin for a couple of hours without a primer.

Many women prefer colors with darker undertones and as result the Black Tie eye shade color perfectly suits them especially those who prefer the perfect smokey eyes. The micro shimmer on the eyeshadow is not quite as rough but it is still pigmented heavily creating a perfect look.

Lilac Dressing is an eye shadow color meant for those who prefer light shade of purple. It is quite pale as compared to others because of its blend of mixture of both pink and purple colors.

For those women who adore the perfect festive color then the Copper Crush eyeshadow is one for them because it has a good staying power and it is usually a must have in all makeup kits of women globally. The color blends nicely providing a richly unique texture.